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 Fields Group
The Fields Group is the holding company for Fields’ UK brands: Fields Associates, Fields Data Recovery, Fields Data Conversion and Fields Data Security. The group was formed to consolidate the various IT-related businesses that shared inter-related, complimentary skills and facilities. This rationalisation of assets has been put in place to help the development and promotion of the Fields’ brand as a whole.

 Fields Associates (Forensics)
Since 1999 Fields Associates has made a significant contribution to the science of Computer Forensics in the UK. It provides an extensive range of services for investigating and handling computer-related crimes or misuse of electronic media and equipment. Its support encompasses all aspects of discovery and recovery - from initial fact-finding and seizure of equipment - to retrieval of data and protection of digital evidence.
 Fields Associates (Expert Witness)
Fields Associates provides Expert Witness Testimony in a variety of specialist subjects. Its litigation support covers: fraud, theft, corporate espionage, bankruptcies, wrongful termination, property disputes, divorces, indecent images, harassment, personal injury, copyright infringement and almost any offence, from illegal trafficking to murder.

 Fields Data Recovery
Fields' Data Recovery is one of the UK's leading data recovery businesses. It is through Fields' extensive forensic science research that it has developed new, innovative technologies within the Data Recovery industry. Its research and development department is constantly inventing new processes and procedures to make the recovery of lost data more feasible, efficient and cost effective. Fields now boasts the industry's highest recovery rate of all popular data storage media.
 Fields Data Conversion
As technology develops so does the demand to upgrade or convert to a new medium. Due to the speed of technological development, it is imperative that public and private sectors keep abreast of new developments in order to increase efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness. For example, the upgrading of public and private sector websites has recently seen a demand for data conversion from MS Access databases to MySQL databases compatible with PHP website design.
 Fields Data Security
Fields' Data Security is now well established in the UK as a market leader. It is concerned with security management of at all levels – audits, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, network security, Internet security, firewall and IDS management, virus control and password recovery. Through its forensic work, Fields has gained in-depth insight into the penetrative techniques use by those who attempt to gain access to, or damage of, any IT-related infrastructure.